M. Tom mesch

Tom has been involved in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage since 1989, with extensive experience in sales, land, leasing, and investment representation. Knowing the importance of the right location at the right price, market conditions, and the importance of timing helps him add value to the best real estate decision for each of his individual client's needs.




About us

carrie J. Mesch

Carrie has built a reputation of trusted advisor and deal maker. She views every deal through the eyes of her client, and adds value each step of the way. Her creative thinking, relationships and vision lead to successful outcomes. She is tireless, responsive and driven to help her clients meet their goals. A leader and strategist, Carrie is the current chair of the Lakewood Planning Commission, chair of the West Colfax Community Association, on the board of the 40 West Arts District, and  was board chair of Goodwill Industries of Denver 2010-13 during a time of substantial growth.

From One Business Owner to Another

“Set your expectations high; find men and women whose INTEGRITY AND VALUES you respect; get their agreement on a course of action; and give them your ultimate trust.” – John Akers


At MESCH Commercial we have grown our business by building relationships on mutual trust, and using our 38+ years of experience and expertise in business and real estate. Our clients value our thinking, and we value their business.


How can we help you? We understand firsthand what it means to own a local business. We know the importance of location, function, image and cost. Every deal we consider on your behalf must help your business thrive. Because a good real estate decision is a good business decision. 

The keys to our business?  Value. We pride ourselves on our ability to add significant value to your real estate decisions. Intelligence. We continuously think about how to arrive at the best solution for you. Connections. You not only get our real estate expertise, you benefit from who we know. Hard work. There is no substitute.

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